Police Security Expo- New art work

Posted by John Kiernan | February 24, 2017

Police Security Expo, NJ and blue line studios will be teaming up to put on a never seen before event

Police Week 2015

Posted by John Kiernan | May 5, 2015

  In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Currently, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world converge on Washington, DC to participate in a number of planned events which […]

Sochi, Olympics

Posted by John Kiernan | February 15, 2014

Washington Capitals Limited edition lithograph for season ticket holders. John Kiernan of Blue Line Studios is located in Warrenton VA and has painted 3 posters for the Washington Capitals.

Visit Jj’s profile on Pinterest.

Posted by John Kiernan | February 10, 2014

Visit Jj’s profile on Pinterest.

Posted by John Kiernan | February 10, 2014

See some of my favorite images on Pintrest! Decorative painting services to fine art.

Police Security Expo- Atlantic City

Posted by John Kiernan | February 6, 2014

I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase my work other than The National Law Enforcement Memorial. After many years in Law Enforcement I am really excited about painting what I loved doing.

National Law Enforcement Memorial- Art work and history

Posted by John Kiernan | February 5, 2014

  The National Law Enforcement Memorial and what it means to me. JOHN KIERNAN The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is centered in the 400 block of E Street, NW, Washington, DC and is the nation’s monument to law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. Dedicated on October 15, 1991, the […]

Washington DC Capital Hill Makeover- Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by John Kiernan | February 4, 2014

Washington DC- Capital Hill- Before and after Hand painted kitchen cabinets are certainly beautiful and cost effective! Re-facing has been keeping me very busy for the last three years. I see many customers accepting the fact that they might be in their homes longer and not moving around as much- so why not enjoy it! […]

Houzz- online view of murals on canvas

Posted by John Kiernan | January 1, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions: Since most people have a lot of questions about murals, I have included the following section of FAQ’s for your perusal.   What is a “mural”? A mural by definition is a painting that is done directly on a wall regardless of size or paint used by the artist. There is some […]

Police Week Special: Prepared for Duty

Posted by John Kiernan | May 20, 2013

Created for Police Week 2013, “Prepared for Duty” by John Kiernan is dedicated to all of the men and women in Law Enforcement who make themselves ready, both mentally and physically, supporting the Oath they recited on graduation day.