Kitchens- Re-Facing VS. Painting
Blue Line Studios hand painted kitchen cabinets
Hand painted kitchen cabinets- Georgetown DC

The most valuable investment to your home is adding a kitchen up-grade. If your cabinets themselves function correctly, which most do, it’s the appearance that most clients have a desire to change.

Betty; “I too had my cabinets refaced by Sears about 5 yrs ago and all the refacing is coming off and chipping. I tried re-gluing but it doesn’t seem to hold. I am so disappointed I spent about $13,000 on this remodel figuring it would last.’ 

I read many stories of over paid and un-happy customers with the installation of re-facing. Many big companies offer  re-facing and point out that it’s cheaper in the end.  Nothing can beat a custom paint job to match the colors of the granite, Tile and curtains in your kitchen, and it is up to 1/2 the cost of re-facing.  I have been hand painting kitchen cabinets since 2001 and each job has been different and custom fro the next. The nicest aspect to doing this process is that there are many ways to customize the look. Here are some examples:Molding-Architecture-Knobs/Hardware-Trash cabinet-Wine Fridge-Wine rack-Lighting-Glass Cabinet face

All of these up-grades can be added into the scope of the new kitchen with no worries because it will be painted. All of my clients and designers want the kitchen custom to the to them and this usually means an aged and distressed finish. The level of this depends on the customer and what they want to live with.

My process;

Set up a meeting and go over samples and techniques, decide on color and paint a sample. I prefer to paint a sample on an existing door from your home. My painted sample will define the amount of glaze and distressing you wish to have. Looking at several custom samples in the place these will be displayed will determine what s best for your kitchen.  Next step is remove all doors and draws to be painted in a controlled temperature setting. This allows all layers (7) to cure prior to installation. Paint the same amount of layers at your home and the last day, ready for instal!! This process can be done between 5-7 days.

Transform your kitchen without breaking the bank!

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