Harley Davidson and Blue Line Studios.

What a great surprise to open up the recent issue of Harley Davidson’s “The Motor Officer” SPRING 2015 magazine and see an unsolicited article. Big thank you goes out to Misty Oelhafen who is the Editor in Chief. Even though Harley Davidson did not print the “Motors” print, they did however featured my painting titled “Prepared for Duty”.

I have been requested for many years to paint a motors piece and finally had time to sit down and figure a composition to paint. The first step was to photograph a bike with all the bells and whistles. Officer Morris who is a motor officer for Fairfax County Police Department was delighted to get his bike all shined up and ready for a photo-shoot. My first obstacle once the painting was completed was to create a piece where any officer with any agency  would be able to have their painting customized with his/ or hers helmet and bike. (Yes, girls ride also and one of my first orders was a great motor-woman from Arlington PD. Tania ordered 3!). These prints are museum quality prints so I can hand paint and customize every order. These images on canvas can be stretched and framed or placed behind glass. Depending on the image, my preference is behind glass so it can be made into a shadow box.  I can not end this article without saying a special thank you to the master of compassion to all police personnel: Jeff Capps!! Jeff was gracious enough to allow me to introduce this piece at Ronald Reagan Airport where the escorts come in for Police Week, and made the connection for Harley Davidson to run the story. Thank you Jeff.

Motorcycle art

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