Police Security Expo- Atlantic City
Front cover to the Police Security Expo Atlantic city NJ
Front cover to the Police Security Expo Atlantic city NJ
Painted SWAT officer for the front cover to the Police Security expo located on the boardwalk of NJ
Police security final painted piece

One might ask how I was contacted to paint the front cover to the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City. The director of operations Miles Watkins of Siteworks offered me to paint live for the event.
I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase my work other than The National Law Enforcement Memorial. After many years in Law Enforcement I am really excited about painting what I loved doing. I have met officers throughout the United States and in some cases helped several police agencies raise money for the agencies they work in. Miles Watkins reached out and made it happen! He trusted that I could be entertaining and produce a powerful piece for the convention. Because Police work is somewhat “dark” and a little mysterious, my vision was too add some color to the painting. Well I found out that there is a colorful light show projected onto a building right off the board walk. This woul be a perfect backdrop to the main focus of a tactical uniform. During my visit, I started the piece for the audience and painted for 2 days. Even though I did not get the entire piece completed, many who attended wanted to see the final piece done.The completed piece was placed on the front cover and promotional materials. The print will be available for purchase at the next Police Security Expo!

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