Washington DC Capital Hill Makeover- Kitchen Cabinets

Washington DC- Capital Hill- Before and after

Hand painted kitchen cabinets are certainly beautiful and cost effective! Re-facing has been keeping me very busy for the last three years. I see many customers accepting the fact that they might be in their homes longer and not moving around as much- so why not enjoy it! Cabinet painting is 1/3 the cost of re-facing. The added bonus is that it is custom colors for your home.

It was a pleasure to work with Washington DC’s new “hot talented” designer according to Home and Design. Jennifer of JWS interiors got my name from another local designer from Haymarket VA. Working with a new designer is different each time- and I am always excited to see new ideas and talent. Working with Jennifer was extremely easy and she made everyone involved including the client feel at ease. Though I never worked with her she felt comfortable enough to leave it to me to provide a sample based on several colors she liked for the kitchen. I always provide 3 samples and let the designer make the choice- Jennifer took the extra time to see how it looked at the home in Washington DC. Once the sample was approved I went to work by removing all the doors and hardware. I sprayed the cabinets with Benjamin Moore paint and glazed with a light gray. Each one was sealed with varnish taking 4 days to complete. The install takes 2 full days-sometimes 3 depending on drying time. Once the frame work is complete- the doors are installed and the job is complete. The details should not be rushed! Outlet covers, and clean-up needs to be done with as much patience. Since the client was out of town, I wanted to have it as if cleaners came into the home- Everything is wiped down including all appliances. Floor is carefully inspected for paint specs and the faucet is wiped down.

Jennifer’s blog;
I’m super excited to share with you today a newly completed kitchen makeover that I worked on, on Capitol Hill, in conjunction with the talented John Kiernan of Blue Line Studios. This was a project that was not complicated, but rather with the right choices in back splash and kitchen cabinet paint colors, made a world of difference.

In the before–we have the traditional cherry cabinets and a not-so-pretty ceramic back splash.

Flash forward and voila we have a modern, clean, gorgeous kitchen. We selected a beautiful stainless steel and stone back splash and then two Benjamin Moore colors for the kitchen cabinets. Blue Line Studios first painted them an ivory-ish color and then glazed with a beautiful shade of gray.

Check out these before and after photos (sorry they are from a phone camera)!

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