Sochi, Olympics
John Kiernan Blue Line Studios Warrenton VA
Winter Classic Lithograph- Washington Capitals Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

SOCHI, Russia — These days, Alex Ovechkin can barely swing his Russian-flag-themed hockey stick without encountering another reminder of both the legacy and the burden he carries here. His head coach, general manager and team president are all Olympic gold medal winners.

“The pressure is enormous, and it’s growing every day,” Russian team captain Pavel Datsyuk told the International Ice Hockey Federation’s Web site, breaking momentarily from the party line that generally seeks to play down the pressure. “Everyone is expecting only one thing from us. And we won’t have the right to make an error.”

By virtue of his fame, talent and fierce nationalism,Ovechkin, 28, has been designated the unofficial “Face of the Sochi Games.” His familiar, gap-toothed mug is grinning from Coca-Cola machines and billboards across Olympic Park.  violate his $124 million Washington Capitals contract by playing even if the league said no.

I personally feel if your a professional player- you should not be able to play in the Olympics. These games remind me of an All-Star game.

Ovechkin Vs. Crosby winter classic poster.

I like the miracle on ice back in 1980 with Steve Craige. I am routing for USA regardles how Ovechkin, Varly, Backstrom, Semin. Go Carlson!!

John Kiernan of Warrenton VA signing with Alex Ovechkin-
Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin visits John Kiernan of Blue Line Studios, Warrenton VA
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